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Phil-Malay Poultry Breeders Inc.

Company Profile
The Company was incorporated in 1992 and commenced operations in 1996 which is an associated company of Leong Hup (G.P.S.) Farm Sdn. Bhd. The company is the franchise of Leong Hup (G.P.S) USA parent stock in the Philippines. Being an associated Company of Leong Hup (G.P.S) Farm Sdn. Bhd who is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leong Hup Holdings Berhad, the Company receives the best management support and experience from the best people. The Company Farm and Hatchery is located in Indang, Cavite which is located about 70km from the city of Manila.

Principal Activities
The Company principal activity is in Broiler Grand Parent stock farming. A capable team of people is managing all activities from farm management to hatchery and selling.

Contact Us
Manila Office
Phil Malay Poultry Breeders, Inc
No. 601-611 Landsdale Tower
Mother Ignacia Ave, cor Timog Ave
Quezon City
Te l: 00-632-371-1334/5
Fax : 00-632-371-1334
Email : pmpbi@i-manila.com.ph

Message from Managing Director / General Manager


List of Management Team / Staff
Datuk Francis Lau(President)
Mr. Benjamin San Deigo(Vice President)
Mr. Er Boon Yong(Vice President-Production)
Mr. Vincent Lim (Director)
Mr. Ruel Punzal (Director)
Mr. Romel Debil (Director)

Contact Person in Manila:
Mr. Er Boon Yong
Mr. Ruel Punzal

Company Achievement / Awards / Certificates

Office Location / Contact Number / Photo
The office is located in Manila. The Farm in located in the province of Cavite, Indang which is 70km from the city of Manila.

Product Brochures

Future Plan


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