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Leong Hup Contract Farming Sdn Bhd (LHCF)
Company Profile
Leong Hup Contract Farming Sdn Bhd (LHCF) was incorporated on 21 March 1989. The Company commenced business operation in 1986 as one of the division of the Leong Hup Broiler Farm Sdn. Bhd. In 1989, the Lau's family formed the Leong Hup Contract Farming to takeover the business. The LHCF enjoys economies of scale from bulk purchase and distributes its Day Old Chick and Broiler Chicken to a large network of farmers and wholesalers concentrated around the bigger towns and cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Bahau, Johor Bahru and Singapore. The acquisition of the LHCF will enable the Leong Hup (LHH) Group to further expand its market share of broiler chicken and provide the Group access to an immediate network of farms and distribution agents located strategically near major towns and expand its sales of Days Old Chicks as well as share of the live birds (Broiler Chicken) market. Now days, the Leong Hup (LHH) group has become the largest fully integrated poultry farmer in the country.

Principal Activities

The Company principal activity is that of buying and selling of broiler chicken, day old chicken, poultry feed, medicine and renting of farm building business.

Contract Farming

This is a business arrangement between an integrator and individuals who owns a broiler farm with the necessary facilities to rear chickens from day old to market age. The integrator agrees to supply the broiler chick, feed, medication and advisory services at agreed prices on credit to the farmer who undertakes to rear the birds to market age. The integrator undertakes to buy back all the chickens that have reached market age and weight at predetermined prices. The Contract Farmer earns his income from the difference between the payment he gets from the sale of the grown chickens and the cost of supplying the chicks, feed material and other requirements. The size of his income is determined by the efficiency of his production system related to the growth rate, feed conversion efficiency and how he can minimize the number of chicken that dies from whatever reasons. For the most efficient production system a farm should have the capacity to rear 30,000 birds at the time and the most skilful farmer is able to rear 5.5 broiler flocks per year.

Contact Us

Lot.3.01, 3rd Floor, Wisma Westcourt
No. 126, Jalan Klang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79808086 Fax: 03-79847971

Message from Managing Director / General Manager

The management of the Company has decided to expand its Broiler Production capacity by virtue of the fixture prospect in this industry. The Company production strategy is shifting towards own production instead of contract farming is mainly to minimize the reliance on contract farmers, at the same time retain the existing contract farmers. In additions, the own production of Broilers will contribute better margin to the Company and to Leong Hup (LHH) Group of companies as a whole.

List of Management Team / Staff


Dato' Lau Bong Wong, he is the Managing Director's of LHCF. He also sits on the board of the Emivest Bhd., a Company listed on the second board of KLSE and also sits on various private companies.

Mr. Lau Chia Nguang, he is the Director's of LHCF and Managing Director's of the group retailing division like The Baker's Cottage Sdn, Bhd. and the Ayam Al Chicken shop Sdn. Bhd. He also sits on the board of various private Companies. In addition, he is also overseeing the group's investment in Indonesia and Singapore.

Management Team

Dato' Lau Bong Wong, currently he overseeing the overall operation of the LHCF and LHBF. A Man with experience in poultry farming, he was largely instrumental in transforming Leong Hup's poultry and breeding operations into one of the most modern in the country. As a result of his foresight, the Company has also embarked aggressively into various horizontal and vertical diversification programs.

Mr. Lau Chia Nguang, he is in charge of the group overall poultry marketing division. He was involved in the business of wholesale of vegetables, supply of fresh, dry and food ration to Army Camps, school and others. Currently, he is the appointed Director's of the LHCF and Managing Director of the Baker's Cottage Sdn. Bhd" Ayam Al Chicken shop Sdn. Bhd. and overseeing LHH Group's marketing and food processing division.

Mr. Lau Joo Han, Currently he is the appointed Assistant General Manager of the LHCF and LHBF. He graduated from Victoria University of Technology in Melbourne. He has entrusted to monitor all the broiler farms operation. In addition, he is overseeing the administrative and financial division. He is forming the strategy for the future development of the LHCF and LHBF in broiler's industry.

Dr. Ramamurti A/R Vanagadachalam, obtained a Degree in Veterinary Science (Animal Husbandry) from India in year 1978 and has more than 20 years experience in the poultry farming. He is now engaged as Technical Service Manager on LHCF. He is responsible for all the broiler's health at the farms.

Mr. Tay Kong Howe, he is appointed as Senior Operational Manager of the LHCF and LHBF. He has vast experience in Broiler sector. He is the person who is efficient on Broiler operation and also Credit Control matters. Currently, he is assisting Mr. Lau Joo Han for the broiler farming and farm's administrative matters.

Mr. Aw Kin Soo, he is the appointed Sales Manager in LHCF since lst Feb, 1993. He is responsible for the marketing of broilers at the Southern Region and ensuring that the broilers are depopulated at the correct age and price. He has more than 10 years marketing experience in the broiler chicken.

Mr. Ong Pong Shu, he is appointed as Sales Manager of LHCF and principally in charge of the marketing of broilers at the Central Region and ensuring that the broilers are depopulated at the right time.

Mr. Sim Lay Yoon, he is appointed as Broiler Production Manager and responsible for the servicing of new farmers in the Central Region, providing technical services and monitoring the performance of these farmers. He has more than 20 years experience in the broiler sector.

Company Achievement / Awards / Certificates

Farms/Hatchery Location / Contact Number / Photo

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Future Plan


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