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Leong Hup Holdings Berhad ("LHH") was incorporate in Malaysia in 1979 and listed on the KLSE Main board on 29 October 1990. From a small backyard farm in the early 1960's, LHH with nearly 40 years experience has developed into the largest integrated poultry operations in Malaysia. By adopting a vertical integration strategy, LHH has become fully self sufficient in all facets of the chicken business. The poultry activity is still the core business of LHH. LHH is involved in breeding and rearing of parent stocks, broiler day-old chicks, contract farming, slaughtering and processing of broiler chickens and retailing. LHH also embarks in the layer farming and provision of poultry medicines and vitamins.

LHH operates its Grand Parent Stock farms in 1988 as a pioneer in the country. There are only three companies inclusive of LHH embarking in the breeding of grand parent stocks controlling supplying majority of the Malaysia day-old parent stock requirement. LHH, being the biggest day-old chick producer in Malaysia produces 130 million day-old chicks per annum and captures 22.53% of the day-old chick market. The Group is also the biggest broiler distributor in the country which distributes approximate 3 million broiler chickens per month. LHH is identified as the 2nd largest player in the layer farming among 350 layer farms in the country, which produces 1.7-1.8 million eggs per day in Penisular Malaysia and captures 7% of the layer market. LHH is a main distributor of fresh chicken and having the biggest processing plant producing 35,000 broiler chickens a day in Singapore, which captures 30% of the Singapore broiler chicken market.

After LHH had established a stable stand in the Malaysia poultry industry, LHH begun to penetrate into the overseas market. In 1992, LHH formed a joint venture in Philippine to breed, distribute and sell parent stock.

In 1996, LHH through PT Malindo Feedmill Tbk invested in the breeding and production of the day-old chicks and live chickens in Indonesia.

Should there be an over supply in the local market, our operation in these countries especially Indonesia (it takes less than 5 hours by sea from KL to Medan) will allow the Group great flexibility in maximizing and getting the highest prices for our day old chicks and table eggs, simply by exporting to them.

Although the Group's focus presently on Malaysia, LHH's investments in the Philippine and Indonesia will allow it to widen its earning base in the very near future. These ventures represent the gateway to further regional opportunity ahead.


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